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I Dream Of Sleep
July 30, 2009

Dream of sleep, your best bet is to dream of where you are and what you’re doing. I regret having dreamt fanciful, childish notions. So now I dream of sleep.


The Thread Of A Ripping Yarn

In a move against all he has been working for, our hero begins to contemplate destroying his creation. The machine is brilliant, but a travesty. It would enrich so many lives… but at what cost? “Forgive the world for not being ready for what I have made” he says as he buries his work in the shallowest of graves “and take pity on whoever should find it and comprehend its value”.

The Recession & Pig Flu & The War & Isn’t The World A Shambles
July 27, 2009

In times of recession, when one can no longer wish as the wishing well fare is too high. In times of panic, when one has the sniffles. In times of war, when a few soldiers come back from war dead, and people ask ‘why did they die?’ and nobody says ‘because they were in a war’. Isn’t the world an effing shambles. Aren’t my teeth an effing shambles. Aren’t my shoes an effing shambles. Isn’t this blog an effing shambles. Isn’t the system an effing shambles. Aren’t the parts an effing shambles. My whites need to be whiter. I should get into politics. Have a nice day. Do you have a breath mint?